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Care and Feeding of your Harp Decals

Before you apply your harp decal:
The decals are REMOVABLE but are not always REUSABLE.  The decals have a slightly tacky surface on the back.  
The less you handle the decals, the longer they will stay affixed.
Your harp soundboard should be clean and dust free before applying decals.
Applying your harp decal:
1. Before removing the harp decal from the backing material, position it on the location of your harp you want the decal affixed.
2. Gently peel off the back covering of each decal piece. 
3. Lay the decal onto the soundboard where you would like it positioned. 
4. Take a paper towel or lint free cloth and gently rub the decal onto the harp surface.
5. Rub all the way to the outside perimeters of the decal.  
6. Make sure there are no air bubbles.  If there are bubbles, try to press them out of the decal to the closest edge of the decal.
7. Finally, press the outer edge of the decal with the back of your fingernail to keep the decal secure.
8. You may rub any fingerprints that have gotten on the decal with your paper towel or lint free cloth.
ENJOY your beautifully adorned harp!
To remove the decals:  Lift them SLOWLY, going WITH the wood grain of your soundboard.  Any residue can be removed with a bit of oil on a cotton swab.
If you find a small bit of residue left when the decals are removed, a bit of oil (baby oil, Murphy’s Oil, olive oil or almost any non-petroleum based oil) applied with a cotton swab will take it off very easily.
Save the plastic cover the decals arrive in.  When you remove the decals from your harp, apply them to the inside of the plastic cover to save and protect them.  Store them flat in a dark, cool place away from direct sunlight.  The decals do tend to curl when removed.  The more slowly and gently they are removed, the more likely they are to be reused.
Humidity and high temperatures may affect these decals.  Store them in a protected area, away from high heat.  They are NOT waterproof.  Do not use spray polish, cleaners, detergents, or water on, or near these decals.  Do not wipe with a damp cloth.  Use a DRY cloth only.