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Welcome to Harp Decals, the place that helps you add some WOW to your harp!

After seeing a harp that had a beautiful hand painted design, I decided I'd like some artwork on my harp too. However, the idea was filled with "what if's". What if I don't like the design once its painted on my harp? What if I get tired of the design? What if I sell my harp? Would artwork de-value it? What if?

So....I designed harp decals! Harp decals are removable so you can change them for the season, for the holidays or just for a different look. And they last a very long time!

Floral, Celtic, traditional, funky...you'll find something for everyone. New designs are added regularly, so drop by often to see what's new! If you have any ideas for decal designs, please feel free to contact me and I'll see what I can do.

The decals pictured are sized for a floor harp, but many can be used on a smaller harp too. (the picture below is a 27 string 'lap' harp) These images can be re-sized for a smaller harp at no extra charge. Just email me at the address below with your preferred dimensions .

Julia, 27 string Heartland Aurora Harp with Vine and Diamond decal


Note: Removal of decals should be done slowly and with the grain of your soundboard.

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If your harp circle or harp group has a logo, turn it into a decal! Email me at heart2harp@telus.net and find out more!

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